Learning Update

I will make this update quick but more visual and audio-al.

Android class has been fine. The apps don’t look that impressive but are communicating the basics of Android and are helpful. Eh – I don’t think showing screenshots of those apps are worth it.

DSP class has been great. I have a great working Python environment that is interactive and has really good plugins for scientific computation and graphing. From this I was able to create music from sine waves and digital 0/1 waves.

Here are those “songs” I’ve made:

[Joy to the world – xylophone]


[Joy to the world – digital with fall off]


I have not done as much with Global Illumination but I have spent a good amount of time messing with Vertex shaders. Here are some links and screenshots those experiments. I think I am getting better but not good enough yet. Next I want to push for better “effects” type of vertex shaders and then into realistic shaders (still vertex).



Bouncy Lines



This upcoming week I plan on pushing to finish Android course. My second priority will be DSP class and third will be Global Illumination. I will try to reduce amount of energy on the Vertex Shaders. They are fun and I will return to them later.


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